It’s called a FIST BUMP! How to use this greeting in the United States

Fist Bumps

I recently heard someone say the "fist bomb." But that's not a real thing. He was probably thinking of FIST BUMP.

What is a fist bump?

It's a way of greeting, celebrating with, or just having fun with someone by putting your fists (closed hands) together.

This kid is reading to give you a fist bump

In fact, former US president Barack Obama often uses the fist bump as a casual greeting or celebrating. This shows just how popular it is becoming in the United States and around the world. Let's take a look at Obama giving some fist bumps:

When can I do the fist bump?

While the fist bump is an appropriate greeting in some cases, it is sometimes too casual. Here's a quick guide on when to use it:

Meeting someone new? No fist bump. It's best to give a handshake.

Seeing someone you've already met? If you have a formal relationship with them, stay with the handshake. If you have developed a familiar relationship with them (where you often tell jokes, laugh together, etc.), you can replace the greeting with a fist bump.

Celebrating with someone? If you were going to give someone a high five in celebration, you can always replace it with a fist bump. However, a fist bump is a bit calmer and more laid-back. If it's something amazing that just happened, stick with the high five.

Saying goodbye? Follow the same rules as with saying hello. Formal relationship? Stick with a handshake. Informal relationship? Go with the fist bump.

It's also called: pound, fist pound, and bones.

If you have any questions about this or any other gestures in American culture, let me know in the comments below.

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