Kenny Chesney – No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem – Learn English through Songs

Learn English by listening to "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems" by Kenny Chesney.

There are 5 steps in this lesson:

1 - Learn the new vocabulary words and idioms
2 - Listen to the song without reading the lyrics
3 - Read the lyrics
4 - Understand the text with my explanations
5 - Sing along to the song 

1 - Vocabulary and Idiom List

up to my neck - When you are "up to your neck" with something, that means that you are upset about it and you can't handle it anymore - you are at your angriest
sole - the bottom of your foot or the bottom of your shoes
blues - negative, sad feelings
shades - a slang term for sunglasses (in this song). Also things that go over the window to block out some of the sunlight (similar to curtains).
dress code - rules (often in a school or business) about what clothes you are allowed to wear
tank top - a t-shirt without sleeves

 2 - Listen to the Song (without reading the lyrics)

​3 - Read the lyrics

I’ve been up to my neck workin’ 6 days a week
wearin’ holes in the soles of the shoes on my feet
been dreamin’ of gettin’ away since I don’t know
Ain’t no better time than now..for mexico

No shoes, No shirt, No problems
Blues what blues…hey I forgot them
The sun and the sand and a drink in my hand with no bottom
and no shoes, no shirt, and no problems!
No problems

Want a towel on a chair in the sand by the sea
want to look thru my shades and see you there with me
Want to soak up life for a while
In laid back mode
No boss, no clock, no stress, no dress code

No shoes, no shirt, no problems
Blues what blues hey I forgot them
The sun and the sand and a drink in my hand with no bottom
and no shoes, no shirt, and no problems

Babe lets get packed..tank tops and flip flops if you got them
No shoes, no shirt, no problems
No problems.

​4 - Check your understanding of the complicated parts of the text

Where does the song title “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem” come from? What is it a reference to?


What’s the difference between “working” and “workin’”?


What does a drink “with no bottom” mean?

5 - Listen to the song again, and this time sing along!