Speak Natural English when Talking About Your Age

Talking about YOUR AGE

When talking about your current age, or how old you were when you did something, do you feel confident that you are using correct English?

Look at these sentences. All of them having something wrong. Can you spot the mistakes?

My brother is 32 years.
With 16 I got my driver's license.
I have 33 years.

First watch these two videos. Then read the summary below, with examples of how to talk about your age correctly. Finally, answer the questions in the comments to test your understanding.

Summary and Examples

Keep these three things in mind when talking about age in English:

1) use the verb BE or one of it's forms (was, were, am, are, is, will be).

2) ​say either the number or the number + "years old"

3) when talking about the past, use either "at the age of..." or "when I was..."

From the examples above the videos, the correct forms are:
My brother is 32. My brother is 32 years old.
When I was 16, I got my driver's license. I got my driver's license at the age of 16.
I am 33. I am 33 years old.


Answer in the comments below to test your understanding.

1 - How old are you?

2 - ​How old were you when you started school?

3 - At what age to most people in your country get their driver's license?

4 - How old are the other members of your family?

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