WERDEN auf Englisch

WERDEN auf Englisch

It's not easy to translate the word WERDEN into English, but in this lesson I will give you some tips to help you out. First, watch the video. Then below, I summarize the key points, plus help you with the most difficult case: when "werden" is used to talk about change.


There are three main ways that you use "werden" in German, and each has a different translation in English

Werden: the Future

When using "werden" to talk about the future, it's quite simple. The easiest way is to use the word "will." You can also use the construction "am/are/is + going to."

  • Ich werde nach Thailand fliegen = I will fly to Thailand OR I am going to fly to Thailand.
  • Er wird morgen krank sein. = He will be sick tomorrow OR He is going to be sick tomorrow.
  • Sie werden bald ankommen. = They will arrive soon OR They are going to arrive soon

Werden: Passive

When using "werden" in the passive form, use be/am/are/is/was/were, depending on who the subject is and if it's the past, present, or future.

  • Die Pizza wurde gegessen = The pizza was eaten.
  • Die Pizza wird gerade gegessen = The pizza is being eaten. 
  • Normalerweise wird die Pizza schnell gegessen = Normally the pizza is eaten quickly.
  • Die Pizza wird morgen gegessen werden = The pizza will be eaten tomorrow. (In this case, you get werden twice! Once for the future, and once for the passive) 

Werden: Change

This is the most difficult part: using "werden" to mean change. There are lots of different words we use depending on the exact situation. Here are some of the most common.

  • We turn an age: Er wurde 40 = He turned 40.
  • We become a profession: Sie will Arzt werden = She wants to become a doctor.
  • We get/become conditions: Ich wurde müde = I got tired OR I became tired.
  • We turn into other things:  Die Raupe wurde zum Schmetterling = The caterpillar turned into a butterfly.
  • We get old: Ich werde alt = I am getting old.
  • We grow up: Er wurde erwachsen = He grew up.

And there are lots more of these! If you aren't sure which to use, type in something like "erwachsen werden" or "Arzt werden" in https://www.dict.cc/or Google and see what comes up.

More Examples

If you have any other examples you'd like to practice, write them in the comments below and I will give you some feedback. 

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