Talking About How Many Times Something Happened

Avoid this mistake when talking about FREQUENCY

Welcome to this online English lesson about that will help you talk about how often something happened or will happen. Start by watching this video:


When talking about how many times you do something (the frequency), DON’T use the word for.

When talking about how long something lasts or takes (the duration), use for.

I have read Harry Potter 5 times. (frequency – no for)
I read Harry Potter for 4 hours last night. (duration – yes for)

I go on vacation 3 times every year. (frequency – no for)
I will be on vacation for 2 weeks in March. (duration – yes for)


Now let's test your knowledge with some exercises.

Beginner Exercise:

Is each sentence correct or incorrect?

1 – I watched the movie for 3 times.

2 – Yesterday, I ran for 60 minutes.

3 – I took two naps for 60 minutes each, but I’m still tired.

4 – I visited Munich for 3 times last year, and I want to go back again this year for Oktoberfest.

5 – I cleaned my apartment for 2 full days, but it still looks dirty.

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