How to Talk about Exams – Use the Right Vocabulary

TAKE an exam,
PASS an exam,
FAIL an exam:
What's the difference?

There are lots of different exams people take: school exams, driver's license exams, professional exams, and many more.

But how do you talk about exams in English? Lots of people mess up the vocabulary of exams. In this video lesson, I'll teach you how to use take, pass, and fail correctly.

​Summary and Examples

The three main verbs that collocate with exam are:

1) take an exam - to attempt an exam. This doesn't show whether you did well or not.
Example: I am going to take my last exam tomorrow. I'm very nervous.

2) pass an exam - to be successful in an exam.
Example - I'm so happy that I passed the exam! Now I can drive a car!

3) fail an exam - to be unsuccessful in an exam.
Example - I failed the exam again. I need to study more next time.

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