How to use SO and SUCH correctly

SO and SUCH:
Which should I use?

I often hear people using the word "such" when they should say "so." So what is the difference between so and such? To find out, first watch this video. Then read the summary and check out the examples.

​Summary and Examples of Using So and Such

How to use SO: "so" + adjective (when saying it is extreme)

After running a marathon I was so tired.
Waiters in the US are so friendly.
It was not so nice of him to wreck your car.

How to use SUCH: "such a" + adjective + noun (when saying it is extreme)

That was such a good meal.
My sister is such a nice person that she lent me her car.
Australia is such a beautiful country that I want to go back.

How to use SO: "so" + adverb (when saying it is extreme)

He speaks so quietly that I can't hear him.
Usain Bolt runs so effortlessly.
I was surprised he learned how to drive so quickly.​

Note - we also use so (not: such) with much/many/few/little/often/rarely.

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