Does Errinern mean Remember or Remind? – English Lesson for Germans

How to say ERINNERN in English

Welcome to this online English lesson about translating the German word "erinnern" into English. Wie sagt man erinnern auf Englisch? Is it remember or remind? Well, sometimes it's remember and sometimes it's remind. In this lesson, I'll explain when you should say which word.

Start by watching the video. Then read the summary and do some exercises to make sure you understood everything.


In English there are two different words for "erinnern": to remember and to remind.

Remember - only one person is needed. An event or fact is repeated in the person's head.

Remind - two people (or one person and a thing) are needed. One person or thing does something that brings a thought into the other person's head.

Note: remember is NOT reflexive.

What words do we use have remember and remind?

​Remember can be followed by a noun, a gerund, or an infinitive. However, they have different meanings.
Remember + noun = have a memory of the event. Example: I remember the 2014 World Cup final quite well.
Remember + gerund = have a memory of the action. Example: I remember watching the 2014 World Cup final in Berlin.
Remember + infinitive = think about an obligation you have/something you need to do. Example: While at the store I remembered to buy some milk.

Remind can be followed by the of, to, and about.
You remind me of my sister. You both have the same haircut. (remind of = there is a relationship between the two things)
Please remind me to call my mom later tonight. It's her birthday! (remind to = telling someone to do something).
She reminded me about the birthday party I had forgotten about! (remind about = telling someone that something will occur/has occurred)

Now let's test your knowledge with some exercises.

Beginner Exercise:

Is the sentence correct or incorrect?

1 – I can still remember my first kiss.

2 – That song reminds me of my vacation in Mallorca.

3 – Please remember me to call my mother.

4 – Please remember me when you think about hiring a graphic designer.

5 – I like to remember me my time living in France.

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