The Difference between Present Continuous and Simple Present

What's the Difference?

Lots of English learners have trouble with the idea of the simple present and the present continuous. But what are these things?

The simple present - I run every day. He is 2 meters tall. They eat lots of spaghetti.

The present continuous - I am cooking dinner. He is sleeping. They are driving to Munich.

Both of these are talking about now: the present. But it's looking at them in a different way. To better understand the difference and when you should use each one, first watch this video and then read the explanations and examples below.


Simple Present - used for general facts and things that happen regularly (like habits).

Present Continuous - used for what  you are doing RIGHT NOW


I live in Berlin.
My brother drinks coffee every morning.
Berlin is the capital of Germany.

I am sitting in my apartment at the moment.
My brother is sleeping right now.
They are traveling through Asia.

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