Using LIKE, LOVE, and HATE – English Lesson for Germans

How to use LOVE, LIKE, and HATE correctly

Welcome to this online English lesson about using correct grammar when talking about "like," "love," and "hate." Start by watching this video:


The words "like," "love," and "hate" are very similar in terms of grammar. They can be followed by either a noun, a pronoun, gerund (-ing verb), or infinitive (a 'to' verb). 

One common mistake for Germans is to include both the pronoun "it" and the infinitive form that the word "it" represents in the same sentence. In German it's allowed, but not in English.

For example:

Ich mag es, schwimmen zu gehen = I like to go swimming/I like going swimming (not: I like it to go swimming).

Ich hasse es, mein Zimmer zu putzen = I hate to clean my room/I hate cleaning my room (not: I hate it to clean my room).


Beginner Exercise:

Is each of the following sentences grammatically correct?

1 – I like basketball.

2 – I hate playing basketball.

3 – I love to play basketball.

4 – I like it to play basketball.

5 – I hate to watch basketball.

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