The Difference Between Interested and Interesting

What's the Difference?

Be careful with words that end in -ed and -ing. Lots of English learners mix up interested and interestingexcited and excitingbored and boring, and so on. In this English lesson I will explain the difference so you can stop making this typical mistake.


The rule I describe in the video works with other word pairs too! Any words that sound similar, but have one ending in -ED and the other ending in -ING. Bored and Boring. Excited and Exciting. And so on.

1) Use the -ED ending when talking about a person's feelings.

2) Use the -ING ending when talking about how a person or thing affects others.


I am interested in traveling to Antarctica.
Antarctica seems to be a pretty interesting place.

My boss is so boring.
I get bored and fall asleep in every meeting.

The Harry Potter books are extremely exciting
I get excited whenever I think about them.

The difference between interested and interesting. These penguins look interesting.

I am interested in these penguins.
They are interesting.

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