Carry or Wear? – English Lesson for Germans

How to translate TRAGEN into English - sometimes CARRY, sometimes WEAR

Welcome to this online English lesson about translating the German word "tragen" into English. Wie sagt man tragen auf Englisch? Start by watching this video:


The German word “tragen” is sometimes translated into English as “carry” and sometimes as “wear.” The difference:

to wear – things that are extremely close and tight ON us

to carry – things that are in our hands, pockets or a backpack

We wear clothes, shirts, hats, jewelry, glasses, seat belts, perfume, cologne, shoes, socks, underwear, etc.

We carry bags, backpacks, groceries, guns, boxes, children, luggage, money, cameras, etc.

Now let's test your knowledge with some exercises.

Beginner Exercise – Soll ich tragen als carry oder wear übersetzen?

Fill in the blank with either carry or wear (or another form of the verb).

1 – I am ________ a hat because it’s so sunny outside.

2 – In many states it is legal to _______ a gun on the street.

3 – Can you ______ this for me. It’s too heavy!

4 – I don’t _____ a watch because I have a cell phone.

5 – What perfume are you _______?

6 – When moving, I had to ____ 15 boxes up 13 flights of stairs!

7 – I took off my jacket and ______ it the rest of the day.

8 – He ______ socks and sandals together.

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