You stopped to smoke?

The difference between "stop to smoke" and "stop smoking"

Is it STOP TO SMOKE or STOP SMOKING? Deciding between the gerund (-ing) or infinitive (to) form after a verb is tough. And this one is really difficult.

Both are correct, but the meaning is different.

“Stop” is followed by an infinitive when the person stopped something else in order to do that infinitive.
I stopped to eat lunch (I was working hard and I stopped working for an hour to eat a bit).

“Stop” is followed by a gerund when the person stopped doing that gerund (-ing) .
I stopped eating lunch (I was eating lunch and then stopped because my boss yelled at me to start working again).

I stopped to smoke (I was walking down the street and stopped walking in order to light a cigarette and smoke it).
I stopped smoking (I used to smoke regularly, but now I don’t).

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