I remember me. Do you remember me?

Here are some tips about how to say ERINNERN auf Englisch:

In English, the verb REMEMBER is not reflexive. We just say things like "He remembered my birthday" or "I didn't remember his birthday."

That means, if you used the phrase "I remember me..." It would mean that you are remembering yourself. Like if you had forgotten that you exist, and then the memory came back.

So remember, REMEMBER is not reflexive. Just say "I remember..." and then whatever the object is.​

I didn't remember my mom's birthday. Oops!
Do you remember the time that you threw up on the train? That was hilarious!

And don't forget about REMIND! When someone else says or does something and it causes the memory to come back into your brain, we use the word remind.

Can you remind me to call my dad tomorrow? I don't want to forget!
This meal reminds me of the time I was in India. The food there was amazing!​

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