-ED or -ING?

The difference between INTERESTED and INTERESTING

We can turn verbs into adjectives pretty easily. Just add an "-ed" or "-ing" to the end. 

However, which one do you choose? It makes a huge difference!

If you want to say that someone or something is doing the action, then add "-ing."

If you want to say that the object is receiving the action, add "-ed."

For example, the Harry Potter books interest me. So we have an object (the books) that is doing the action and I'm the receiver. That means the books are interesting (added the -ing) and I am interested (add the -ed).

More Examples:
That movie is boring. I was bored sitting in the cinema.
My brother is a very exciting person. I get excited every time I see him.

Note: Objects can only be boring/interesting/exciting. People can be boring or bored, interesting or interested, exciting or excited.

So give it a try. Write some sentences in the comments with words like boring, excited, interesting, and interested.

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