Carrying your shirt? Or wearing your shirt?


Man deciding if he should use carry or wear in English

Be careful when using the words CARRY and WEAR in English. In some languages (like German and Spanish), there is only one word for both of them. But in English you need to know the difference.

WEAR = what you have on your body, very close to your skin

I am wearing my favorite shirt.
I want to wear my new hat tomorrow.
I don't ever wear makeup.
Do you wear glasses?

CARRY = what you have in your hands/in your bag

I am carrying my gym stuff in my backpack.
It is illegal to carry a gun there.
Can you carry that to the car for me?

Practice Using CARRY and WEAR Correctly

Now it's time for you to practice using carry and wear. Write a few sentences in the comments using these words and I will give you some feedback to make sure you are using them correctly.

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