Jokes and Idioms from the TV Show “NEW GIRL” Explained – Season 6

New Girl: Funny Scenes from Season 6

Want to improve your English while watching a funny American TV show? Here, I explain some jokes, idioms, and cultural references from season 6 of New Girl.

The riblet sandwich refers to the McRib – a sandwich at McDonald’s that’s not always on the menu. It is just offered at special times of the year.

House offer” – in the US, when buying a house, there is a negotiation process. First you send the offer (saying how much you would pay for it), and the owners can either accept it or reject it.

That old turkey burger” – this isn’t a real phrase. Jess just made it up, something that she often does.

“Thrusting forward” – “thrust” means violently and strongly pushing in a specific direction.
It can be used in many instances:
– He thrust his hands into his pockets.
– She was thrust into the spotlight after she won the Olympics.
– The thrust of the engine lifted the airplane into the sky.
However, it is also used when talking about thrusting your hips (pushing your hips forward) into someone else during sex – lots of people will think about sex before anything else when they hear the word “thrust.”

Jess is referring to three cities in the Pacific Northwest – Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. There is a rivalry between Portland and Seattle about which city is cooler. Seattle is located about 300 km north of Portland, so it is described as “North Portland” (not worth having it’s own name). And “Vancouver’s Shoe” is used since Seattle is south of Vancouver.

“you got jacked” – “jacked” is a slang term for extremely muscular. Nick then jokes that she went to prison, where lots of people work out and get stronger (since there is nothing else to do there).

flip-flopping helmet head in a pants suit” – this refers to Hilary Clinton, who is running for president. Flip-flopping means changing your opinion often (going back and forth between the two sides –  in other words, flipping back and forth between the two sides). Helmet head is what you get when you wear a helmet and then take it off – your hair doesn’t look so good afterwards (similar to “hat head”). A pants suit is just a normal suit with pants and a jacket that a woman wears – Hilary Clinton is famous for wearing them all the time.

Paul Ryan is the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, and also ran for Vice President with Mitt Romney in 2012. He might run for president in 2020, which would make Schmidt quite happy. Presidential elections in the US occur every 4 years.

to register new voters – before you are allowed to vote, you have to register. It’s a simple process, and just consists of filling out a basic form. However, not everyone in the US does this (because they don’t know how, have forgotten about it, or are lazy), so some people go around the city or hold events to help encourage people to do this.

“A woman’s place is in the house. The White House.” – they are making a joke about a traditional sexist saying “a woman’s place is in the home/kitchen.” This saying means that women shouldn’t work.

What next? Keep on laughing and learning!