Do you really… hate Romans?- False Friends in English and German

Not Romans! They're Novels!

Not Romans!

This is a Roman!

A Real Roman!

Uh oh. Thomas got confused about what a Roman is. Luckily Nick is there to save the day and save Thomas from embarrassing himself.

Nick: How was your day at school?
Thomas: Ugh, horrible. I hate Romans!!!
Nick: Whoa dude! That’s not cool to say. Do you really hate Romans?
Thomas: Why?!?!? I hate reading, and our teacher just assigned us one more book to read over the weekend.
Nick: Oh. Now I see what you mean. You must be talking about novels. Romans are people from the city of Rome, you know, “Römer“.
Thomas: Oh wow. Thanks for telling me that. In fact, I really like Romans. There’s a woman from from Rome in my class that I want to ask out. Glad she didn’t hear me say that I hate Romans.

Now remember, Roman = römisch/ein Römer and the novel = der Roman.

To practice, write some sentences in the comments below. Use the words Roman and novel.

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