Is there really… a dome on top of that building?- False Friends in English and German

Cologne Cathedral (11355860704)

Not a Dome!

Gold Dome

A Real Dome!

Especially if you live in Cologne, you need to be careful to understand the difference between Dom and Dome. In this story, Thomas learns that difference.

Nick: Look at that pretty dome.
Thomas: Where? I don’t see it?
Nick: It’s on top of that building over there.
Thomas: A church on top of a building?  Are you mad?
Nick: No, you must be thinking of the word cathedral, which is “Dom” in German. A dome is a rounded structure that is the roof of a building, or a “Kuppel“.
Thomas: Oh, I see. So sometimes a cathedral has a dome. That would be a dome of a “Dom
Nick: Exactly. And maybe we could drink some Dom Pérignon champagne up there… that would be drinking some Dom in the dome of a “Dom“.
Thomas: I don’t think the priest would like that…

Now remember, dome = Kuppel and cathedral = Dom.

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