Did you really… become a cheeseburger?- False Friends in English and German

Thomas confuses his friend by saying that he became a cheeseburger. Do you know the difference between become and bekommen? They are false friends!

Nick: Hey Thomas, where you have you been?  And why do you look so happy?
Thomas: I went to my favorite restaurant and became a cheeseburger?
Nick: Did you really become a cheeseburger?
Thomas: Yes, with lettuce, pickles, and ketchup. It tasted so good.
Nick: So you ate yourself?
Thomas: No, I ate the cheeseburger. Why are you so confused?
Nick: I’m confused because you used the word become. I think that you meant the word receive or get. Remember that “bekommen” means to receive or to get, while to become means “werden“.
Thomas: Oh, sorry. I should have said ‘I went to my favorite restaurant and got a cheeseburger”.
Nick: Exactly. And more importantly, you should have invited me along with you…

Now remember, to become = werden and to receive/get = bekommen.

To practice, write some sentences in the comments below using the words "become," "get," and "receive."​

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