Do you really… have a Beamer in your apartment?- False Friends in English and German

Not a Beamer!

A Real Beamer!

In this story, Thomas is confused because the word Beamer is actually a false friend in German and English. See if he can figure out the truth in the end!

Thomas: Hey, you should come over to my apartment. I just got a new beamer.
Nick: Awesome, I’d love to see it.
Thomas: Yeah, I haven’t set it up yet. It’s still in my bedroom.
Nick: Do you really have a beamer in your apartment?
Thomas: Of course, where else would it be?
Nick: How big is it?
Thomas: Oh, about 30 cm long.
Nick: Oh, so just a model car.
Thomas: What do you mean by car?
Nick: Now I see why I was confused. In English, Beamer is the nickname for a BMW. You must be thinking of a projector, which is what Germans call a “Beamer“.
Thomas: Ah, then do you want to come over to my apartment and see my new projector. We can watch a movie with lots of fast cars in it… maybe even a few Beamers.

Now remember, a Beamer = ein BMW Auto and the projector = der Beamer.

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