Online English Lessons via Skype

1-on-1 Skype Lessons:
English Conversation

Why One-On-One Lessons?

  • YOU are the one doing the talking (my students talk for more than 75 percent of the lesson on average)
  • Focus on YOUR specific needs and goals
  • 100% of my attention is on YOU
  • Talk about topics that YOU are interested in

Why Online?

  • Learn from the comfort of your own home
  • Save time and money (no need to travel!)
  • Take lessons no matter where you are (at home, during your lunch break, on a business trip, visiting family,...)

Watch real with lessons with real English learners!

English Conversation Lessons

Focus on improving your ability to confidently communicate in English

  • improve your speaking skills
  • reduce your accent
  • increase your active vocabulary
  • make fewer grammar mistakes

1 lesson (55 minutes) = 45 euros

"I'm Scared to Speak!" Package

Do you...

  • ​understand English but are scared to speak it?
  • get nervous and uncomfortable around native English speakers?
  • fear making mistakes?

This course will help you gain confidence, improve the fluency of your speech, and communicate better.

10 lessons (25 minutes each) = 250 euros.

What do these lessons include?

Before each lesson, you will be sent preparation material. This could be videos to watch, vocabulary lists to learn, articles to read, etc. This will give us something to build our conversation on.

During the lesson, we will have a natural conversation, just like you'd have with a friend or colleague. The focus will be on you expressing  your opinions, telling stories, and asking questions. Either during the conversation or at the end, I will let you know what phrases and sentences were unnatural or grammatically incorrect. I'll also share with you some other ways you could have expressed the same ideas that either increase the precision or sound more natural.

After the lesson, I'll send you exercises that you can do on your own that work on putting your new vocabulary words into active use and improving your grammar. Additionally, I'll find some more articles or videos on the topic that give you more opportunity to practice your reading and listening skills.​

Frequently Asked Questions

What will we talk about?​ We will talk about whatever you are interested in. That's the beauty of hiring a professional teacher. While there are certain subjects I really like talking about (psychology, sociology, comedy, sports, etc.), I am here mostly to listen and to ask questions that get you to speak about whatever your passion is. Don't worry about boring me.

Will I get homework? Only if you want it. How much homework? As much homework as you want. Some students are extremely busy and only have time for their two lessons per week. So they ask not to be given any homework. Other students love to study on their own and only come to me once a week to work on the things they can't do alone. For these students I assign big projects that involve lots of work. And of course, most people fall in between these two extremes. I can give you as much homework as you think you'll be able to do before the next lesson.

Is my English good enough to take conversation lessons? If you can read this page and understand over half of it, your English is good enough. If you've never really spoken English before, you might want to start with shorter lessons. It can be quite tiring at first, but you quickly get used to it. I offer a package of 10 lessons of 25 minutes each for people just like you. After these 10 lessons, most students are able to jump to my normal conversation lessons, which last 55 minutes each.

How many lessons should I take per week? For most students, 2 lessons per week is the best. However, it really depends on your exact situation. Let's talk about it in a trial lesson.

We are two people. Can we take a lesson together? Sure! When signing up, let me know that there are two people who will be attending so that I can be ready. The cost of a trial lesson is the same whether you are alone or with a friend/partner/colleague. However, conversation lessons cost an extra 10 euros per lesson for a second person to be present, and the 10 x 25 minute lesson beginner package costs 300 euros instead of 250 euros.

Do I have to use a webcam? No, you do not have to use a webcam. Most of my students choose to also use video (it's nice to be able to see each other!), but if you don't have a webcam or choose not to use it, that's ok too!