Trial English Lesson

Trial Lesson via Skype

Are you unsure if learning English on Skype is right for you?

Do you want to meet me and see how I can teach you how to improve your English?

​Do you want to discuss your personalized learning plan?

Then a free 25-minute trial English lesson on Skype with me is the answer for you!

Nick and Marcio in a Skype EnglishLesson

What will happen in my free trial lesson?

During the trial lesson:

  • we will talk for about 5 minutes about you, your English learning history, your English learning goals, and how you use English in your everyday life at the moment.
  • we will have a 15-minute conversation about a real topic that you are interested in, just like in a real lesson.
  • I will give you feedback about your current level, your strengths and weaknesses, as well as specific things that you can do to improve your English. Additionally, I will share with you a personalized plan on how we can together to improve your English.
  • you have the opportunity to ask any questions you'd like about me, my teaching philosophy, the English language, and American culture.

Other Important Information

Here is some more information about your trial lesson

  • Scheduling: to schedule your lesson, simply fill out the form below or message me on Skype (username: EnglishWithNick)
  • Cost: this trial lesson is free
  • Programs you need: you must have Skype (free to download) installed on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. A webcam and/or headset is nice, but not necessary.

To schedule your trial lesson, or to ask any questions, you can contact me via Skype (EnglishWithNick) or email (

See what happens in a real Skype English lesson:
learning, connecting, laughing, and having fun