Personalized Individual English Coaching

1-on-1 Online English Coaching: Skype and Whatsapp

Why One-On-One English Lessons?

  • Focus on YOUR specific needs and goals
  • 100% of my attention is on YOU
  • Talk about topics that YOU are interested in
  • YOU do most of the talking (my students on average talk for more than 75 percent of the lesson)

Why Online?

  • Learn from the comfort of your own home
  • Save time and money (no need to travel!)
  • Take lessons no matter where you are (at home, on a business trip, while visiting family, during your lunch break,...)

There are millions of people learning English right now, and they all have different strengths, weaknesses, goals, and learning styles. So why would the same program work for all of them? Quite simply, it doesn't.

If you really want to improve your English, you need something specific to you. And the best way to do that is with one-on-one English coaching. To find out how this could help you, sign up for a free, 25-minute Skype consultation (also known as a trial lesson) with me, Nick.

If you already know what type of lessons or coaching you want, then you can find a list my English lessons and English coaching by clicking here.

Are you German? You can find out information about my lessons in German as well.​

What happens in this consultation?

  • You will introduce yourself and talk for about 5 minutes about where you're from, why you want to learn English, and your goals
  • We will have a conversation about a topic of your choice for about 15 minutes
  • I will give you about 5 minutes of feedback - both overall feedback about your English level and specific things you can improve
  • After the lesson, I will send you a PDF document which includes: phrases that you used incorrectly (and how to say them correctly!), a summary of my overall feedback (including a list of your strengths and weaknesses, in order), and a few ways that you can improve your English for free on your own
  • I will also share with you an offer about how we can work together to improve your English more efficiently and quickly

How do I sign up for a consultation?

You can sign up via email (, Skype (EnglishWithNick), or by filling out the form below. Include some information about yourself (where you are from, why you want to learn English, what time zone you are in and what time you'd like to meet - you can see my availability below the contact form).

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See what happens in a real Skype English lesson:
learning, connecting, laughing, and having fun