Do I put an S at the end of million? Saying Numbers Correctly!

Avoid this mistake when talking about large numbers

One mistake that I often here students make is saying things like "five millions," "three hundreds," and "twenty thousands." Do you do the same thing? If so, this lesson is for you.

First, watch the video. Then read the explanation. And finally, do some exercises to test what you've learned.​


​Summary and Examples

1) Most of the time, when we use hundred, thousand, million, and billion, we don't add an S. Even if we are talking about five hundred, a few thousand, thirty-two million, or eight billion.

Ronaldo earns thirty-two million euros per year playing football.
There are over eight billion people on the planet.
Munich is about six hundred kilometers from Berlin.
I had to study for a few thousand hours to get my degree.

2) The exception: When we don't say how many hundreds, thousands, or millions, (either with the word 'few' or an actual number) we put an S at the end. 

How many people were at the concert? Hundreds.
I've talked to thousands of people in my life.
He's earned millions of dollars


Answer in the comments below to get some personalized feedback. Normally it is also correct to write numbers like 4,000, but for this exercise write the words like this: four thousand.

1 - How big is your country?

2 - ​What's the farthest distance you've traveled in one day?

3 - How much money does the leader of your country earn?

4 - How many students were there in your elementary school?

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