The Difference Between Interested and Interesting

What's the Difference?

Be careful with words that end in -ed and -ing. Lots of English learners mix up interested and interestingexcited and excitingbored and boring, and so on. In this English lesson I will explain the difference so you can stop making this typical mistake.

Watch the video, read the summary and then do the practice exercises to test your new knowledge!


The rule I describe in the video works with other word pairs too! Any words that sound similar, but have one ending in -ED and the other ending in -ING. Bored and Boring. Excited and Exciting. And so on.

1) Use the -ED ending when talking about a person's feelings.

2) Use the -ING ending when talking about how a person or thing affects others.


I am interested in traveling to Antarctica.
Antarctica seems to be a pretty interesting place.

My boss is so boring.
I get bored and fall asleep in every meeting.

The Harry Potter books are extremely exciting
I get excited whenever I think about them.

The difference between interested and interesting. These penguins look interesting.

I am interested in these penguins.
They are interesting.

Now it's your turn! This exercise will test your knowledge of the difference between interested and interesting, bored and boring, and excited and exciting.


Answer in the comments below and I'll give you some personalized feedback.

1 - Do you get bored when you are on a plane, train, or bus for a long time?

2 - ​What is the most interesting movie you've ever seen?

3 - Do you get excited on your birthday?

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