Do You Like? Would You Like? Here’s the Difference!

The difference between:

In this online English lesson I will teach you the difference between "Do you like beer?" and "Would you like a beer?" They mean very different things!

After this lesson, you won't make this common mistake anymore.

Start by watching this video. Then read the summary and see some more examples.


When asking someone if they want to have or do something right now, a polite way is to say "Would you like...?"

If you say "Do you like...?" it just means that it is something they usually like and enjoy in general. But maybe they don't want to do it right now.


Would you like a beer? 
No thanks, I am driving home later.

Do you like beer? 
Yes, I do. I quite often drink beer, but I'm drinking wine instead today.

Would you like to play table tennis? 
I can't play right now because I hurt my wrist.

Do you like to play table tennis?
Not really. But if you need a partner right now, I can play with you.

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