Hey Germans! Be careful translating VOR!

Wie sagt man VOR auf Englisch?

​Wie sagt man VOR auf Englisch? It sounds like FOR, which is an English word. Aber pass auf!

When talking about when something happened, you might want to say "Vor 5 Jahren." In this case, use the English ​word AGO. For example, I took a vacation and was in Munich 5 years ago.

What would happen if you said "I was in Munich for 5 years"? That would mean that you were in Munich for a period of 5 years - that's a long time for a vacation! You see, "I was in Munich for 5 years" means "Ich war für 5 Jahre in München."

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2 thoughts on “Hey Germans! Be careful translating VOR!

  1. Susi Sorglos says:

    Sagt man wirklich “I was by Sascha ?”

    1. Yes. For example:
      “Where was your seat at the table?”
      “I was by Sascha.” (it means “I was next to Sascha”)

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